LNB is a device used by TV to receive high-frequency signals and demodulate video information, and is also the first part of the public channel. The tuner used in TV is generally divided into digital signal tuner (digital tuner for short) and analog signal tuner (analog tuner for short). In short, it is the tuning of receiving TV signals, high-frequency signal amplifier and satellite TV decoder。We have a range of LNBF for receiving and distributing satellite TV and terrestrial signals.

Satellite Finder Swedish

   Satellite Finder/Signal Meter is a specialized signal-strength meter used to point satellite dishes/LNBs, cable signal. It provides installation service for headend installer. With suitable size, light weight, enhanced signal intensity, fast signal spectrum, and plenty of features.

Digital Modulator

LDigital Modulator is widely applied in the hotel, home entertainment, hospital, surveillance cotrol, community etc. DVB-T modulator is developed to adapt terrestrial digital television.
With 2.4 inch color LCD display, this device is operated easily, integrating MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 encoding and modulating to convert audio/video signals into DVB-T RF out.

   Optical Universal lnb

LOptical LNB deliver a complete satellite broadcast over a single 1310nm wavelength. This LNB receiving both horizontal and vertical polarization of the satellite signals, down-convert the signals to wideband frequencies,from 0.95 to 5.45GHz. And output the signal over its fiber FC/PC port at +10dBm output optical power using a 1310nm wavelength. The optical LNB is powered over a dedicated DC-input F-type port over a adapter.

House Amplifier

LHouse amplifier are intended for amplifying and distributing TV signals in cable TV networks. Built-in power supply, the gain can be ajustable. This model is designed for bidirectional amplifier indoor use, frequency range 45-1000MHz for CATV system. Bi-directional amplifier echo channel main components are modular structure, use agile and convenient, may at any time to realize network two-way upgrade. Use cable lifting type die-casting waterproof casing, sealing number, heat resistance, suitable for all occasions amplification node.

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